The Witcher: Monster Slayer Lures You Out to the Streets

Lily Milton


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What’s the biggest event for The Witcher fans in 2021? Season 2 on Netflix? The unexpected (though minor) DLC for Wind Hunt? The most unexpected (and the most probable) candidate, though, is the Witcher: Monster Slayer that hit mobile app markets today. And it’s not yet another Gwent or (Eternal Fire forbid!) a Witcher-themed Match-3. Prepare to meet monsters right out in the streets.

As five years after its launch Pokémon GO is still among the highest-grossing mobile games, no wonder Witcher: Monster Slayer exploits the same location-based, AR-involving mechanics. As you launch the game, it shows you monsters around you that you need to attack and defeat. When you do, you level up to your level and collect trophies. Still, there will be some new mechanics: for example, certain types of monsters will only appear during their favorite daytime or require certain weather. It will be logical to meet drowners near the water, foglets in the rain, and noonwraiths in the daytime. Finally, there are really nontrivial quests to complete. No wonder, given that Spokko Sp. z o.o., the publisher of Monster Slayer, is indeed established by CD PROJEKT and inherits a lot of its ideas.

Fans of the Witcher game series will find a lot of familiar elements. Changeable swords, bombs, oils and potions, Witcher signs, combat system that looks a bit familiar, and, of course, outfits and medallions. If you are among the first to complete your training within the first week, you will be rewarded with a free sword and 10% bonus to experience points.

As a social experience, it lets players befriend each other and send gifts. Witchers are a guild, after all. If the free help you get is not enough for you, well, you can toss a coin. It’s worth doing even just to support one of the most interesting AR- and location-based games.