Amazon Offers Battlefield 1 for Free on Prime

Shanna Danae


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Still, considering Amazon Prime as a source of games? Well, the classical Battlefield title may be a reason why. Though this World War 1-themed shooter was released in 2016 and sold well, you may still be among those eager to try it. Then, well, you can try Prime Gaming as such and find something else for your enjoyment.

Prime Gaming is (logically) a subscription-based gaming service that offers a number of games for a fixed monthly price. The roster changes constantly, so if you want to enjoy some particular game on Prime, your time is limited. 

If you want this game as cheap as never before, it’s time to move. In addition, it’s only available on Windows, with a dedicated Amazon app installed on your PC. Alas, Mac or Linux are not supported like this.

What looks special about Battlefield 1 on Amazon is that you don’t have to remain active on Amazon Prime to keep playing this game. It’s distributed through the Origin store and requires an Origin login which is (generally) independent of Amazon. So even if one day you decide to cancel your subscription but keep your Origin login, you will still keep Battlefield 1. It may be the case if you still can enjoy your free trial period on Amazon Prime and then decide not to subscribe.

It’s not long until Battlefield 1 is available. Unlike other games that are downloaded from Amazon directly, this game is available through a redeem code that an Amazon Prime subscriber can claim until August 4 and then use on Origin until August 20. So hurry up to get your copy.

Battlefield 1 holds well, with an approval rate of over 90% on popular platforms. Since its release in 2016, it keeps receiving updates and DLC. Though it has received at least one sequel, and another – Battlefield 2042 – is.