Which Battlefield Games to Play As You Wait for 2042

Shanna Danae


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It’s not long before Battlefield 2042 is finally out. And, while the new installment will be no doubt fun to explore and master, the series has a lot of titles to spend at. Here are those we recommend to Battlefield fans that can’t wait to play the next one as a reminder of what’s to love about the franchise.

Battlefield 1

Not that this title is the strongest in the series. But while you have a chance to get it for free on Amazon or seriously discounted on Steam, take it. Retaining the same FPS mechanics Battlefield is famous for, this one is themed differently: it takes you to World War I, with its airplanes, poison gas attacks, trenches, and really global scale.

This installment also has special packs for various heroes from different sides, including Manfred von Richthofen, Laurence of Arabia, and others. Weapons and vehicles are not strictly accurate; they are rather atmospheric than authentic but well-balanced. Along with single player, it has a vast multiplayer base which makes it playable for a long time.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

It’s an even older title released in 2010, but it has everything we love the series for. In the nearest future of the alternative timeline, the new world war is led primarily by Russia and the USA, and you play as an American soldier fighting all over the world. 

Visuals may seem obsolete, but the gameplay is perfectly balanced. In addition, it has a great multiplayer part and class and weapon balance that keeps the installment afloat despite getting older.

Battlefield 3

It’s another alternative timeline that mostly takes place in the Middle East. In it, the storyline is completely different, but you can still choose between the four playable characters, play in campaign mode or go directly to multiplayer.

Frostbite 2.0 makes the game look well acceptable for 2021 (unless you started with Battlefield V), with lots of multiplayer content – maps, missions, weapons, and everything well balanced. Later expansions only refined the experience.